How to use white labled gemstone inventory in your business

Jewellers can only stock a limited amount of gemstones in their inventory. When a customer walks into your shop to make a custom piece of jewellery, they would be very happy to see a variety of options. Having the ability to present them with a large collection of gemstones to choose from would make your customers happy and help secure the sale.

You can use the Natural Gem Exchange as your own virtual gemstone inventory and show the gemstones on the platform to your own customers. However, many of our partners want the platform to be more personalised and white-labelled so that they can really share it as their own virtual inventory.

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Change the Logo

Jewellers need to use Natural Gem Exchange as an extension of their business or the website.


You can replace the logo with your own logo so that every page will get your own branding.

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Custom Pricing

Jewellers need to add a margin to the wholesale prices on the Natural Gem Exchange.


You can set a global percentage margin on the settings page so that your own price will be displayed when you show the product pages to your customers. Individual product-level custom price implementation is also planned.

Hide Prices

Jewellers do not want to disclose the pricing to their customers


You can hide the prices from the settings page and the prices will be not displayed on the product pages.

Next Steps

We have a very exciting roadmap for Natural Gem Exchange. Here are some highlights.

- Anonymous sharable links (optionally password protected)

- Ability to list gemstones in your own websites via API integration.

- Individual product-level custom pricing.

- and many more...

Your Ideas and Feedback

Your feedback is very important to us. Please let us know how can we improve the platform and our services so that we can serve you better. Please send your ideas to


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