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Placing your Sapphire "Fetch to Order" request

Why you should go for a "Fetch to Order" request.

At NGE, our team is working to list as many as gemstones on our website so that you can find the one you want. But in certain cases, you just need to ask us to fetch what you needed. Here are the reasons why.

1. You do not have to regi

6 Cs of Sapphire

The 4 Cs of diamonds represents the main characteristics of a diamond which defines its beauty, perfection, and value. More importantly, it serves as the protocol of communication between the sellers and buyers. Also, it enables fair price comparisons, inventory classifications and many other instruments in the trade.

Sapphire Color Cards for better communication

Facilitating the gem trade with new tools, techniques, standards, and methodologies are one of the major goals of NGE. Communicating color information of colored gemstones has never been easier with NGE color cards.

Why it is difficult to communicate the color information accurately

NGE color

Real-time gemstone inspection

One of our unique services is real-time gemstone inspection where our customers can view the gemstones in a live video session and choose what they want.

We use cutting edge video technology to stream live gemstone videos in higher magnifications. You can see the details of the gemstones even better than you have

How to use white labled gemstone inventory in your business

Jewellers can only stock a limited amount of gemstones in their inventory. When a customer walks into your shop to make a custom piece of jewellery, they would be very happy to see a variety of options. Having the ability to present them with a large collection of gemstones to choose from would make your customers happy and h

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