Sapphire Color Cards for better communication

One of the primary objectives of NGE is to enhance the gem trade through the introduction of innovative tools, techniques, standards, and methodologies. Simplifying the accurate communication of color information for colored gemstones is made possible with the NGE color cards.

The Challenges of Accurate Color Communication

NGE color cards offer a grid of color shades that can be directly compared to the color of the gemstone. This method overcomes the inaccuracies that can arise from relying solely on photographs and videos. Factors such as varying screens, lighting conditions, and digital device settings, including brightness and contrast, can distort the perception of color. For instance, a photograph viewed on an Apple iPhone might display a different color shade than when viewed on an HP laptop. Additionally, the color appearance of a gemstone in a photograph taken under daylight may differ from one taken indoors.

The Utilization of NGE Color Cards

To illustrate the effectiveness of NGE color cards, consider the following example. We have selected six pink sapphires from our inventory. While a seller may describe these gemstones as pink sapphires, providing further specificity such as "hot pink" or "baby pink," along with images and videos, still cannot guarantee precise color representation. However, when the gemstone's color is matched against an NGE color card, a higher level of accuracy in color information can be achieved.

The concept is simple: both the seller and the buyer hold the color cards during their communication, ensuring that what they see is what they get.

Selecting Colors for Pink Sapphire Gemstones

Picking colors for pink sapphire gemstones

Here, we present a range of blue sapphires from the NGE inventory.

Blue Sapphire Color Cards

Colors can vary not only from gemstone to gemstone but also within a single natural gemstone, exhibiting multiple shades. For instance, our collection of party sapphires showcases how each gemstone exhibits two distinct color shades. In describing such gemstones, color cards prove to be invaluable.

Party Sapphires

NGE Seller Training

Even with color cards, low light conditions can still result in misleading information, as colors appear flattened. Therefore, NGE has developed a comprehensive seller training program to ensure sellers employ color cards as accurately as possible. Completion of this training is mandatory for all NGE sellers before they can commence selling on our platform. This instils additional confidence in buyers when communicating with NGE sellers.

How to Obtain NGE Color Cards

NGE currently offers color cards for Blue Sapphires, Pink Sapphires, and Yellow Sapphires. We are actively working on creating color cards for other gemstones such as Rubies and Emeralds, which will be available in the future.

Registered NGE members will receive their color cards free of charge. However, even without registration, you can order color cards for a fee. You have the flexibility to order any number of color cards to use with your trade partners. Please visit this page to order the color cards.

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