About Natural Gem Exchange

Natural Gem Exchange is an online virtual exchange where sellers and buyers can easily trade their gemstones. Natural Gem Exchange can take your gem business to the next level by letting you directly approach thousands of buyers from all over the world. All you have to do is publish your gemstones on the Natural Gem Exchange and we will handle the rest.

We provide guidance, training, photography equipments etc. to publish your gemstones on the Natural Gem Exchange. We have standardised the presentation of gemstones on web. This will make your life very easy in explaining the features of your gemstones to the buyers.

Publishing: You can publish your gemstones for free. We even help you to take top quality photographs and videos of your gemstones using the best equipments available for gemstone photography.

Flexible Visibility: You can control who can view your gemstones. It could be a specific list of buyers you nominate. When you use this feature, you can maintain an inventory accessible to your buyers all the time. Your buyers do not need to continuously call you to see what gemstones you have. Also, you do not need to contact them every time you get new gemstones. For each gemstone, you can specify who can view them and who cannot. So you have a great control over how you do business. Private listings are only available for the buyers only if the seller has handpicked them for viewing and price viewing.

Flexible Pricing: You can hide the prices of gemstones or you can control who can view the prices. Also you can specify different prices for different buyers. For example you can show a lower price for a local buyers and higher price for foreign buyers. Or one price for your partners and a different price for everyone else.

Flexible Business Transactions: Once you and your buyer agree on a business you can conduct the sale independently without the involvement of Natural Gem Exchange. We do not charge any commission for this type of sales but you need to record the sale in the system so that we can change the ownership of the gemstone to the new buyer. After the sale the buyer can decide whether to keep the gemstone in the Natural Gem Exchange or not. The new owner can change the price and access rights of the product.

We can assist you to do the business transactions on your behalf. In this case we get certificates, provide our own report to the buyer, and we make the sale. Once the sale happened, we withhold a commission and pay you. We do the shipping and handling for the sale. As a responsible business, we offer a return facility to buyers. You need to sign an agreement with us enabling us to return the gemstone within 1 month time. This is only required for gemstones valued greater than five thousand united states dollars.

Also we can directly buy from you and ship to the buyer. In this case there will be no agreements and we assume all the risks.

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Our Training

Our merchant training program will help you to become a successful international gem merchant:

"Gemstone trade is a centuries old business. However, during the last few years there has been a huge tranformation in the industry. Telecommunication, technology, logistics/transportation, and financial services industries have undergone major shifts during the last 10 years. However, the gemstone trade has not benifited enough from these advancements. Natural Gem Exchange brings cutting edge technologies and procesers to gem merchants so that you can thrive in the modern international trade environment."

Our offer to gemstone merchants is two fold. We train you to use modern technologies so that you can present your gemstones with the best standards available. Then we facilitate trading. We connect you with buyers all around the world. Natural Gem Exchage training is not only for novice gem merchants. Experienced and established gem merchants will equally benifit from the program. The training program is 100% free. The program is conducted via a series of self educational videos.

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