Placing your Sapphire "Fetch to Order" request

Why you should go for a "Fetch to Order" request.

At NGE, our team is working to list as many as gemstones on our website so that you can find the one you want. But in certain cases, you just need to ask us to fetch what you needed. Here are the reasons why.

1. You do not have to register in NGE to initiate a "Fetch to Order" request.

The gemstones in NGE are visible only to the registered uses. Without even registering, you will be able to see some sample gemstones. However, even after registering you won't be able to access all the gemstones in the platform. The visibility of the gemstone in NGE depends on your access level on the exchange. The access level depends on many factors such as the credibility of your business, buying power, and also the visibility of the individual gemstones set by the sellers. However, when you approach us with a specific requirement, we can manually pick a list of qualified gemstones from NGE or fetch them from elsewhere and make them available for you.

2. You may not have permission to broadcast your requirement to the sellers in NGE.

After a number of transactions, buyers can start broadcasting their requirements to the seller network via NGE. This is easier than navigating through the listings. When you ask for a specific requirement, the sellers can show you candidate gemstones to choose from. If this feature is not available for you yet, but if you wish to broadcast your requirement, you can use the "Fetch to Order" request to do exactly the same.

3. You need a gemstone urgently.

The gemstones listed in NGE are coming from thousands of sellers. Not every seller responds as quickly as you would like them to be. When you want a gemstone urgently, it is better to go for a "Fetch to Order" request so that NGE will make sure a prompt response.

How to initiate a "Fetch to Order" 

What another method can be better than simply sending us an email explaining your requirement. Please contact us via


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