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Placing your custom Jewelry order

Why you should go for a custom jewellery order with NGE

Although NGE is mainly focusing on facilitating the gem trade, we can easily make a custom gemstone jewellery for you. Our sister company, based in Melbourne, Australia makes the finest gemstone jewellery. If you are buying your gemstone to make jewelry for you or for your client, you can easily get it done from Brilliyond. You don't have to contact them or order from them. You just have to let us your intention and we will arrange everything for you.

However, importing jewelry to some countries are taxed higher than importing gemstones. Please let us know your situation and intentions and we will guide you what is the best option for you.

One of the advantages of getting your jewelry done by us is that you don't need to send your expensive gemstone across several companies. And, certainly, the total cost will be considerably lower.

Some merchants maintain high-quality expensive gemstones in the form of boutique jewellery or designer jewellery. If you planning to buy any of those from NGE, you can easily get the alterations such as ring resizing done prior to the delivery. 

Santorini from Brilliyond


How to initiate a custom jewellery order

What another method can be better than simply sending us an email explaining your requirement. Please contact us via


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    Ian Mclinskey

    How long it will take to deliver a custom jewellery order.

    May 24, 2020

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