How can you benifit as a Seller

Registering on NGE as a gem merchant or seller gives you many benefits. First of all, you will get access to a training program on how to trade your gemstones online on the NGE platform. NGE will showcase your gemstones to a network of thousands of buyers all across the world. You can easily communicate with the buyers and initiate business transactions.

In the NGE network, the power lies in how well you are connected to the buyers. This will depend on your credibility as a merchant and the content and product you are submitting. In order to make your gemstones visible to a wider audience, you should list better products with better media such as photos and videos. Also, the more the data is completed, the wider your audience.

The gemstones you upload to NGE are not visible to the public, i.e. unregistered users. As soon as you upload a gemstone to NGE, it won't visible to the registered users. In order to make your listing live, the product needs to be qualified in several ways.

- The information about the gemstone should be complete. (i.e. weight, dimension etc.)

- The photos and videos should have sufficient quality.

- You should set the visibility. You can set the visibility to show your gemstones only to all the buyers, a specific group of buyers, or a single specific buyer.

Higher inventory turnover rates

Showcasing your gemstones to thousands of buyers and streamlined assisted trading processes, gem merchants can sell their inventories faster. This will allow them to grow faster.

Selling directly to NGE

When you list your inventory in NGE, thousands of buyers can access them. They can approach you and initiate a trade. However, amount all the buyers, NGE is the one who has the highest confidence in you. We ourselves supplying colored gemstones to few of the best brands in the world. If you list top-quality stones with adequate details and good photos and videos, there is a higher chance that they will be immediately purchased by NGE. 

The Merchant Dashboard

When you log in to the NGE as a gem merchant (seller), you will be able to see your dashboard. You can add, edit, and monitor your products, messages, and sales via the dashboard. And also you can access the training program as well.

The Training Program

The training program will teach you all the essentials to successfully trade in NGE. How to add and manage your gemstones in NGE, gemstone photography and video recording, pricing, communicating with buyers, shipping and logistics, money transaction etc. are some of the topics we discuss in the training program.

Free Photography and Video Service

If you have a significantly larger gemstone inventory, our team can provide you with the equipment and personal to take photos and videos of them and list on NGE. Please contact for more information.




Rafael Green

NGE Education

Natural Gem Exchange's training and education department is dedicated to provide international standard trainging and eduction to all it's stakeholders including customers, partners, and employees.

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